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Do dog walkers do social media? This one does! I love to keep my Instagram stories updated with what we get up to in and around Bedford every day. I also like to post updates on Facebook throughout the week so that everyone can see what we’ve been up to. You can find me on Facebook or Instagram, linked below.

Dog Walking Report Card from Fetch Club

Furthermore, I use a brilliant app for all my current customers so they can log in, view, request and edit their bookings and see daily report cards. The report cards will inform you of what your dog has been up to on their walk and has a check list of other important details you might like to know. An example of a report card might look something like this.

Once we have had a consultation and I’ve had the chance to meet you and your dog and discuss your needs, I can add you to the app so you will be able to login. At the consultation I will need some details from you (such as your email address, contact details, vet and emergency contact information) so that I can add you successfully. Before then, follow along with my social media to see what we get up to, and get a feel for how we do things here at Fetch Club.



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Happy Valentines Day from the secret lovebirds of Fetch Club who are trying to keep it on the down low 💕 #itsaspanielthing #thewholeofficeknows @ Elstow ... See MoreSee Less

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Structure! I use the word structure a lot with my clients as I think it’s a vital component to a healthy dog. Play is lots of fun, but without structure, is it safe? Will every dog recall? Will they all listen despite the play being so rewarding? I practice a lot of structure for 2 reasons. 1) It mentally stimulates the dog to have to follow commands and listen, and work out what I’m asking in order to get their reward. Mental stimulation will tire and satisfy a dog as much as, if not more than physical exercise. 2) Dogs thrive on structure! The Fetch Club dogs respond to well to the structure of the pack walks, knowing what to do and when, playing the ‘games’ with me. It helps them grow in confidence and security. It strengthens their relationship with me, with the other dogs, and with their owners. It helps them learn when to stop the play, when to recall and how to behave politely.

What does structure look like on a pack walk? Polite lead walking at the start and the end of the walk. Good recalls when off lead. Sit stay practice (and down stays for those who know it). Impulse control games. The ‘auto sit’ (I will cover that in another post) where they have to follow my body language. There are so many things we can do to keep our dog’s mind active as well as their bodies and here at Fetch Club I consider it my duty to make sure each dog is challenged and fulfilled.
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2 Belgian Shepherds in 1 photo, what a dream! ... See MoreSee Less

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