Welcome to the Club

I’m Jen and I’m an energetic dog walker based in Bedford.

I’m looking to bring your dog plenty of exercise, social engagement and mental stimulation with a daily active walk that will leave you with a satisfied and cuddly friend to come home to every night.

I have a dedicated fully customised vehicle that you may see me driving around Bedford with individual crates to transport multiple dogs safely to and from their walk – find out more on the Fetchmobile page!

Jen with 5 dogs on a pack walk
  • Dog walker
  • DBS checked, fully insured
  • Safe key holding
  • Dedicated vehicle with crates & ventilation system
  • Training reinforcement

While I’m walking dogs, I like to find different ways I can make their day more interesting or special. This may include asking them to do commands like ‘sit’, ‘lay down’ or ‘paw’ to get their brain working, or it might be something like helping them climb up logs, picnic tables and tree stumps, which is fantastic for their confidence. I like to bring treats on all my dog walks to help reinforce things like recall and good behaviour, and sometimes I might bring a bigger snack so we can have a doggy picnic. If it is a warm day and safe to do so, I will encourage dogs to swim as it’s an activity many dogs love. I keep brushes and towels in the van ready to use at the end of every walk as necessary, as well as it being ventilated and having soft, absorbent vet bedding fitted to every crate so they can ride home in cosy comfort.

Covering Bedford and a few surrounding areas in Bedfordshire, I run three pack walks a day with up to six dogs in each pack. Every dog who joins Fetch Club will have a few solo sessions with me first so that I can get to know them and they can get comfortable with their walker before I carefully introduce them to a pack. My pack walks are calm, balanced and every dog is encouraged to enjoy themselves individually and harmoniously with the rest of the pack.


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